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Image A new Beginning
Hi everyone,
As most of you know, there has been a huge band of inactivity between both players and staff over the past month and a half. We all had things going on, and I told everyone to put their life before SA-MP, and we all decided to take a bit of a break.

While some of us are still laying low for a while, others are ready to return to what we were doing prior. The biggest issue right now is going to be trying to resume roleplay after this break, considering we didn't have a huge community to begin with, and it is even smaller now.

I am personally encouraging everyone to get together, maybe start a faction or two. This will be the best way to get everyone back in game smoothly. I have not done an inactivity wipe since sometime in February, so if you went inactive since then you will keep everything you had before.

We feel the occasional break like this is healthy during busy times of the year, so P-RP is just one less thing to worry about, and in turn will keep us motivated. Many servers will simply close when the owner's/community feel like they need a break, however I felt this break would be more short time (As it has been).

For those that are active, some staff members will be hand picked to replace those that have resigned over the past month. Police Department applications will reopen soon, once they get all of their threads transferred into the new forum. Due to this, Roleplay has been officially suspended until factions and the police department have been sorted out. There will be a thread posted soon about Faction Incentives, and possibly giving certain factions official status immediately, so stay tuned for a thread, or shoot me a private message.

Speaking of the new forum; If you haven't noticed yet, we are running under a new domain and a new forum software. This was something I wanted to do for a while, as I felt the old domain (pureroleplay.net) was too long and complex. I decided to go with a much simpler route. While I was at it, I also went ahead and changed our webhost- Essentially we are now hosting our own website, which means we shouldn't have problems that we were before, such as the webpage timing out and automated backups constantly failing.

Additionally, we changed over to phpBB from MyBB. This was due to the fact that a lot of you requested this change, as many other servers use phpBB and it is more familiar to you. We've been having issues with MyBB in terms of security, as well as cookie issues (Would work fine for most people but not everyone, all settings were corrrect etc). I had also beefed up the captcha to avoid spambots, which worked, however some people could not register as the captcha simply would not show for them. The final straw for me was when we started getting bombarded with upwards of 40 spam bots in a couple of hours, and were still somehow registering after totally disabling registrations and purging all bots. This forum is still a work in progress, though it seems to work much faster, more secure, and easier to customize. MyBB also seemed to be having issues with their WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor. Half the time what you put in the preview wouldn't even work in the live thread, even if you put it in source mode.

One final change is the Palomino Creek update. Personally, I like Palomino Creek over Los Santos, due to its small size. However, it does not support all types of roleplay and some people would rather just RP in the city, which is why we ended up having an LS based server. To get the best of both worlds, we now allow roleplay in Palomino Creek. You can roleplay in Los Santos as always, though we're pushing for more people to be in the country, as it encourages everyone to be together. You can take a free bus from Unity Station (Main Spawn) right to Palomino. Once you are there, there is a separate pizza and fishing job. They work just like the ones in Los Santos, though obviously in Palomino. You should not have to travel from LS to PC for any major roleplay, besides maybe going to a dealership to purchase a car.

To encourage RP in Palomino, houses have been created really cheap. The pizza job will pay the same as it does in LS ($40 per delivery, however you ONLY go around Palomino Creek instead of all through Los Santos). There will also be business giveaways. If you have a business in LS you wish to move to PC, you can forum PM me with the business ID and a screenshot (including the minimap) of where you wish to put it. I will move it free of charge.

Thank you,
Pure Roleplay Management
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