Ban Appeal Information/Format

If you've been unfairly banned or you'd like to have a second chance - right place where to discuss about it.
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Ban Appeal Rules & Information


Appealing a non-appealable offence is not allowed and will result in a ban from appealing again.
Any temporary bans under 3 months are not appealable and the time must be waited before your unban.
Any aggression towards admins after your appeal being denied will result in a 7 day ban from the forums depending on the situation.
PMing admins about your appeal will result in it being denied instantly.
Failure to wait the time before appealing again results in a 48 hour forum ban.
Posting on another user's ban appeal without the admins permission will get you banned from the forums for 24 hours.

After your appeal is denied you must wait the following times depending on how many times you appealed before:
  • 1st appeal: 7 days.
  • 2nd appeal: 2 weeks.
  • 3rd appeal: 4 weeks.
After your third you can't appeal again.

NOTE: Time before next apply can be changed by the banning admin after your first ban appeal, the admin must state this in the reply otherwise it follows standard times.

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In Game Name - Ban Appeal


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[b]In Game Name:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Date of Ban:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Time of Ban:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Banning Administrator:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Ban Reason:[/b] ANSWER

[b]Do you agree the administrator was right in punishing you (Acknowledge rules broken?):[/b] ANSWER
[b]Explain your reasoning for your actions, and why you should be unbanned:[/b] ANSWER