Refund Request Information/Format

If you've lost an item script-wisely or due to the rule breakers, this is the correct place where to acquire it back.

Note: We do NOT refund items from other servers. This section is for items lost due to server crashing, hackers etc.
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Refund Requests Information
This section is designed to compensate players if they have lost any items in game. This can be from a roleplay being void, a server glitch, or another obstruction. If you need to be refunded on an item, submit a new thread in this section with the following format following the guidelines.

You must show valid evidence proving your case. Edited screenshots or chatlogs are not accepted.
You may not post a refund for someone else.
You may not be refunded for items lost as a result of inactivity or being banned.
The information in your request must be 100% valid and accurate
You may only post one refund request per item
Only include one item per request
Do not constantly bump your thread. The Refund administrator will reply accordingly.
If your account is forum banned, you may post a refund through a support ticket.

To apply for a refund, post a new thread in this section with the title

Refund Request - Your In Game Name

Use the following format below:

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[b]In Game Name:[/b] ANSWER
[b]What is the item in question?:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Approximate value of the item:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Approximate Date/Time the item was lost:[/b] ANSWER
[b]If known, how was the item lost:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Evidence of the item in question:[/b] ANSWER