Report a Player Information

If a person from the community has broken a rule, this is the place where you should report him, following the correct format!
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Report a Player Information
This section is where you report a player that has broken any of the server rules. Make sure to follow the format following the guidelines.

  • You must show valid evidence. Edited screenshots or chatlogs are not accepted.
  • Do not get involved in others reports if you aren't a part of it.
  • Mind your languange. No flaming/namecallings.
  • Once a player is reported, they will have 24 hours to respond. Do not continuously reply/argue

To report a player, post a new thread in this section with the title
Their In Game Name - Broken Rule(s)

Use the following format below:

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[b]Your In Game Name:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Their In Game Name:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Date & Time:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Rules broken by the reported player:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Please explain in full what happened:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Evidence:[/b] ANSWER